Nosh Application Suite


Nosh is a suite of mobile application products conceptualized by South River. Nosh apps push the concept of mobile learning beyond the responsive presentation of your layout, providing your users with access to small, easily digestible chunks of content. The increased portability of your content ensures that your users are able to quickly access the information they need, making the most of their time in front of the screen and maximizing their productivity away from it.

Each product consists of a user-facing mobile web application and a corresponding content management system for simply providing your users with your most up-to-date content.


Nosh consists of multiple products that can be easily incorporated into your corporate training program:

  • Nosh::Communicate is a communication tool designed to deliver small, digestible learning chunks to your users.
  • Nosh::Learn is a mobile e-learning framework designed to simply and efficiently deliver e-learning content to your users.
  • Nosh::Ask is a mobile survey application for phone and tablet use with online/offline tracking capabilities.