South River Studios, LLC is a web and mobile application development studio that can help you transform your ideas into engaging user experiences.

What We Do

South River specializes in the design and development of web-based and mobile applications and experiences. We partner with our clients to help guide them from the conceptualization and strategic design of their ideas through to the delivery and distribution of their final product. Some of the things we do:

Conceptual & Strategic Design

South River can help you refine the scope of your software needs and plan a roadmap that will ensure a successful delivery.

Interface Design

The visual direction of your website or application is a key factor to its success; South River has years of experience to help guide you.

User Experience Design

South River works with you to help you create the relationship you want your users to have with your software products.

Information Architecture

South River will find the patterns in your content and distill it to its simplest and most elegant form—on both the front and back-end of your software.

Application Architecture

South River will plan and engineer a sustainable ecosystem for your products to thrive in for years to come.

Application Development

South River will build your software in an agile and flexible manner— giving you the ability to easily maneuver when objectives or goals change course.

Things We Build

South River works on a variety of projects, building web and mobile apps from the ground up. Here are a few worth taking a closer look at:

Products in Development

Here are some products we’ve got in the pipeline. Let us know if you’d like a demo or are interested in learning more about them!


Learning as a lifestyle, in a single stream.

A micro-learning platform that emphasizes learning as a lifestyle. Deliver micro-learning and micro-assessments to your employees in a single stream.


Keep your company connected with a single stream.

A communication platform to keep your company’s employees connected with all of your latest company announcements and up-to-the-minute industry news.

Who We Work With

At South River, we like to team up with folks who are looking to create something great, together. With our design and development expertise and their content area expertise, we’ve created great things with:

Get in Touch

South River began its journey in 2013 with long-time colleagues, collaborators and friends:

Chris Couchoud
Chris CouchoudPartner
Matthew Rowe
Matthew RowePartner

Let us know if you’re looking for a partner to help transform your ideas and content into a web or mobile experience.

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